Decluttering: make order and rediscover simplicity at home

Decluttering is a practice that allows you to free yourself from the superfluous , recognizing and enhancing what you really need and is important for living peacefully.

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Very widespread in the Anglo-Saxon countries, this technique was born in the United States , inspired by the principles of feng shui and the essentiality typical of the Eastern lifestyle. Its name derives from the English term declutter which literally means to make room , to put in order .

In fact, we often find ourselves accumulating things that over time become useless and of little relevance. These objects end up filling the rooms of the house making us lose the true essence of things, filling our living space and thus complicating our lives without actually realizing it. It therefore becomes necessary to be able to recognize what is important and to be able to get rid of the rest. The password is to simplify , and simplify more often than not means to remove .


The advantages of decluttering for the home and for the soul

Making decluttering at home allows you to obtain neat , comfortable and practical spaces , in harmony with a simple and authentic lifestyle , minimizing both the time needed to carry out daily activities and the stress involved in having a house in disarray.

It is not therefore a merely practical activity aimed at reorganizing the home, but it also becomes useful on a psychological level, as it allows us to create the basis for a peaceful environment . It also helps to get rid of objects that keep us anchored to the past, thus opening the mind to the future and new possibilities .


How to do: organized and occupied one room at a time

The first thing to do is to organize yourself according to the time available for this activity. The ideal would be to take a few days or to be able to devote to all the rooms of the house, but if you have less time, you can proceed equally just taking care of some environments or devoting a few minutes every day to this activity.

Creating a decluttering program means drawing up a ranking of rooms and spaces, putting first the ones that most need to be rearranged and then all the others in order. Determine how much time you will need for each and subdivide the work for tasks to be performed or for categories of objects. If you want to see an example of a program, you can find one in the post   on the reorganization to which I have dedicated myself this summer.

Get 4 boxes that you will need to divide things to throw , those to keep , items to give away or sell and those to keep . The objects to keep are those that are really useful to you and that are important to you, but if there are objects in good condition that you do not need anymore, but that can be useful to someone else, you will bring them back to sell / give as gifts . All those objects that are seasonal, which at the moment you do not need, but will come in handy in the coming months will go among the things to keep with destination cellar, garage or attic. Everything else should be thrown away .

You can do this activity alone, or you can get help from someone. If you live with other people, it is a good idea to share this activity with them. In any case, always respects those who live with you, eventually you can agree and prepare a box for everyone to store things that are not yours and that will be cataloged.


Proceed one space at a time and when this is finished, move on to the next.

In every space / room, take out everything you find and place it on a free floor. At this point you will have to decide how to catalog all the things by putting them in the appropriate boxes. Do not waste too much time to decide where everything goes, your instincts will be a great advisor and, if you find yourself thinking long whether or not to keep something, perhaps it means that the object is not so useful to you. Think about when you used it in the last 12 months and in doubt you can always provide an additional box with the things you do not know where to allocate and give it a time between 6-12 months after which you will open the box and throw everything you do not you used during that time.

After careful cleaning of the spaces, place the objects to be organized and arrange them as you consider best suited to your needs.

Remember to respect the environment and make separate collection for the things you throw away. If you prefer you can use already divided paper / plastic / glass / non-recyclable bags instead of just one box, or divide the whole thing at a later time.


How to maintain results over time

After all this work I can assure you that you will feel a lot lighter , you can breathe a great sigh of relief and enjoy your home refurbished and much more livable .

Remember, however, that in order not to nullify your work, you will have to pay attention to making informed purchases that do not go to fill your house with junk again. There is a small rule that allows you to last the results you have obtained for a long time: for every thing that enters one or two have to go out .


Simplicity is a great virtue, but we need hard work to achieve it and taste to appreciate it. And as if this were not enough: complexity sells better.

– Edsger Wybe Dijkstra


This article is a mini guide on decluttering that explains the basics of this increasingly widespread practice. If you want to deepen, there are many resources on the web , books and complete guides that you can read to learn how to use this technique that helps you make room at home and in your daily life.

Also I have tried the decluttering : among the previous articles, find the program of the general reorganization of house that I have done this summer and in the second part of the same post you can read how it has gone and some other useful advice.