DIY: 6 DIY tutorials for home decor in summer

Abitare also means creating objects and decorations for oneself to personalize your home.

It is for this reason that in this section you will find, in addition to reflections and furnishing advice.

Also some selections of ideas and tutorials for DIY and other inspirations to give free rein to your creativity and to create your very own home decor . I will personally collect what I consider the best DIY tutorials for home decor , making sure that they are explained step by step in all their steps.

This week I will point out 6 tutorials to try to give a touch of summer to your home. Click on the images and follow the instructions to make these wonderful DIY decorations .


1. Paint the fabrics with the shibori technique


The first tutorial is dedicated to the coloring of fabrics with the Japanese shibori technique , a fascinating way to personalize the home textiles obtaining nuanced and very casual designs. Click here to also see the video tutorial .


2. Customize a beach chair


This tutorial in English is dedicated to outdoor furniture. It teaches you how to create or renovate old deckchairs by customizing them with the designs and phrases you prefer.


3. Create a marine-themed shipyard


Even the entrance wants its part. So why not try to create a summer sea theme outing ? I warn you that to make it better you will first have to eat lots of ice lollies and take a nice walk by the sea in search of shells .