My concept of a house in 3 words

Everyone has his way of living and interpreting the house, and this week I will tell you my story through 3 words that I think best represent my idea of ​​living.

Here they are:

1. Reports

For me, the house is a container of intimate life , the environment in which to spend everyday life together with my family . It is the space I have dreamed of for a long time, which I carefully constructed together with my husband, with the fundamental help of our parents, and now contains not only my things, but above all my most important affections .

I like to think of it as a place made to take care of each other and of oneself, in a mutual exchange of attentions and simple daily gestures , in which each one creates and adapts his habits in respect of those of others.

It is the private and informal space par excellence, where one is free to be oneself without filters, labels and inhibitions. Only our true essence in relation to that of those who live with us, in an environment of sharing, dialogue and confrontation, in which to create the balance that allows a peaceful coexistence.

It is a hospitable place, where friends are welcome to spend a pleasant evening together, telling about this and that, perhaps in front of an informal dinner, with a few glasses of good wine, or simply for a chat about the latest news and a coffee in company. But not only that, it’s also nice to celebrate and share important moments with the people we love.


2. Comfort

Comfort is a very important aspect when it comes to designing spaces in your home. It is essential to create welcoming , practical environments that are able to contain , host and serve , that allow you to easily carry out everyday activities , but also to relax and enjoy everyday life in the home.

Knowing how to choose the furniture and how it will be arranged can make the difference in creating a comfortable and functional environment. Every room is in fact the theater of various actions that we do every day or less frequently, and it is important to be able to perform them with practicality. For this reason, providing good ergonomics of the spaces, furnishings and objects that surround us is essential.

Comfort also means living in a healthy and safe environment, made with certified quality materials that last over time, guarantee safety standards and are environmentally friendly.


3. Harmony

In addition to practice, a home must be pleasant to the senses and be in tune with our personality and way of life. It becomes harmonious when it is given that personal impression that makes it a place in which to feel at ease , find and recognize each other , without ever getting tired or becoming oppressive.

A harmonious house is neat , welcoming and well designed in all its aspects. It follows our rhythms , takes our scent and becomes like a second skin . We realize it immediately, as soon as we enter and breathe its air.

Aesthetics plays an important role in this sense, because, if well studied, it becomes the means by which we give personality to interiors and fill them with meaning . Once the style has been defined, it becomes important to balance well volumes, colors, full and empty spaces to furnish without weighing down the appearance of the environment.