Reflections on the concept of living and some useful advice

Interior design , through the design of domestic spaces, responds to a fundamental human need: to live .

This is not just a necessity, but it is also an act that we do every day, often without even realizing it, because it is part of our being, our nature and being in the world.

Abitare is a word that derives from the Latin habitare and means “to have continually”.

In Italian it means “to have a home, to reside in a place”. It is a social act that contributes to forming the identity of the individual, of places and of society and can refer to a more or less large geographical space or to a specific physical space.

But what is the meaning of living today? This is the question I asked myself when I decided to write this column to reflect on how to best live one’s home. This is the starting point of a research that spans time, places and cultures, to let you discover stories , curiosities and traditions concerning the home as a place of life, which puts the person at the center, with his needs and his ways of to live.

In addition to reflecting on the concept of living, I will also give you advice on how to decorate your rooms, in order to live them better and I will suggest new creative ideas that will allow you to interpret your everyday life at home.

The house is the place par excellence of living and there are endless ways to live it and interpret it, as there are infinite styles of life , cultures and personalities of those who live there. The house is the space for being in a family and for everyday life , the place to come back with pleasure after a day of work or a trip. It is the ideal environment to express yourself giving space to your creativity . It is a safe place to feel at ease and rediscover yourself and your inner harmony , but it is also an environment of relationship , made of mutual exchange and hospitality.

All these functions and many others make the house a lived microcosm , which we make every day, giving it personality through the signs left by our everyday life. For this reason every house is unique and has a story to tell, which we can discover by entering its rooms, between the furnishings and the objects it contains.

It will be a pleasure to take this journey with you to discover the sense of living , to help you give new form and meaning to your home, discovering new ways of living its environments.