Reorder home: my 4-day summer program

In the first part of this article dedicated to reorganization .

tidy up home 

I showed you the program that I have prepared to set up home during the summer holidays and I told you about how I would have decluttered and reorganized my domestic spaces. Now that the work is done, I want to tell you how it went, what I learned and I want to share some useful tips with you.

The program included 4 days of rearrangement to rearrange some rooms in my house, but unfortunately these 4 days have become 3 because of an unexpected : the first day my daughter got sick. He had flu with a rather high fever, so I had to and preferred to spend that day taking care of her with cuddles and cuddles. Fortunately the fever lasted little and once healed, I was able to devote to the house.

I was not able to fix everything as I wanted, but I still managed to get a good result and what I could not do in those days was simply postponed to another date that I have already fixed in my diary .

I decided to take care of the parts of the house that at that time needed to be rearranged, setting priorities . I left the library , then rearranged the pantry , the bedroom , the bathroom and bedroom furniture. Instead, I chose to move the kitchen and living room furniture , the cleaning of the appliances and the rearrangement of the desk to another moment.

Decluttering has been extremely useful. I really did not believe in having so many things to throw away or donate at home and that I would be able to get rid of useless objects, which I kept only because I was superficially bound, but in fact without any real value: clothes, bags and shoes (yes, with my huge surplus to think again, even shoes!), books, DVDs and other miscellaneous items.

I suggest you try this method, I was really impressed by the amount of things that came out of my house and this makes me think of how many useless objects surrounded me every day. Now that I have cleaned up the superfluous, I have a new purpose : to be much more attentive to the things I buy and put at home, to evaluate if I really need them and to choose them with more care.

The reorganization of the furniture allowed me not only to make order, but also to create the conditions to keep it longer, to make the spaces more practical saving time for daily activities.

This domestic work has also been therapeutic , because getting rid of unnecessary and excessive and see everything in order and clean gives a feeling of real well-being and makes living much better time spent at home.

I leave you with some advice that I gained during this little domestic experience. I hope you will be useful to dedicate yourself to the reorganization of your home:

  • contingencies can happen, do not worry if you can not do everything you’ve set yourself / a, but fix your next day on the agenda to deal with it;
  • he gives everything that is still in good condition and can be reused by someone who really needs it;
  • never throw away books because culture is important. If you do not need them anymore, you can donate them to your city library or leave them in bookcrossing locations ;
  • in your reorder program, also evaluate the time you need to clear the decluttering boxes;
  • remember to do the separate collection and, if it is more convenient, instead of a single box for things to throw away, provide containers in which to divide non-recyclable waste, paper, glass and plastic;
  • if you do not live alone, consider also to have a box for every person who lives with you , to store the objects that need to be rearranged and they are not yours, making sure before that thing pleases him;
  • at the end take the time to enjoy the re-ordering of the reorganization and take care of yourself .