The classic-modern entrance

The classic-modern style is the perfect mix between the elegance of the past and the clean lines of modernity .

This blend allows you to create contemporary and sophisticated environments, combining shapes with classic lines to the design of our days .

It is interesting to note how two styles so different from each other are founded together, enriching each other to create highly sought-after combinations: the classic style shapes maintain their recognizability and at the same time they lighten up meeting contemporary ones that, in turn , are enriched by the signs of a timeless charm design.

This style of furniture allows you to insert classic furnishings into contemporary architecture or vice versa , or mix with each other furnishings characteristic of these two styles, creating interesting contrasts and without obvious discounts, which are enriched by the encounter of classic decorations with the geometric cleaning of the contemporary patterns.

The entrance is the first room you come into when entering the house and should not be underestimated, as it is not just a passage area, but also has the function of inviting , welcoming and dismissing both those who live there and their guests. Furnishing it with this style means feeling welcomed in a sober , refined and characterful environment , provided that you do not exaggerate with the contrasts and with the inclusion of too many characterizing elements.

In an entry in a classic-modern style can not miss the wood floor or marble arranged in geometric patterns, frames and decorative elements in plaster on the walls, the padded chair, the gravity of contemporary design chandelier or drop the console classic style or clean lines with a mirror above that amplifies the spatial perception of the room.

The quality of the materials , important both for the classic and for the modern, is fundamental for the success of this mix of styles. Traditional materials such as predominantly dark wood , marble , glass , metal and leather or fabric coverings are used extensively, alternating craftsmanship with innovative finishes.

In the moodboard materials that I made with 3D modeling you can see how I combined dark wood parquet with herringbone marble in contrasting colors, shiny and satin-finished metals, neutral shades and plain, floral and geometric fabrics for curtains and padding. There is also a floral print to give a touch of color to the walls and, as a decorative element, the detail of a white plaster frame.

Classic-modern style will appeal to lovers of luxury without excess and classic beauty , to those with a strong , elegant and refined personality .

You can see some examples of entrances furnished with this style on the Pinterest wall below.


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