The coastal style bathroom Style rooms

These days the summer is felt and the desire for the sea is so great, so I decided to dedicate this article to a style that takes inspiration from the charm of the coastal environment.

This is the Coastal style , a trend for beach lovers and seascapes.

I decided to set it in the bathroom , for those who, even at home, want to recreate the atmosphere of the coast and feel a bit ‘on vacation while allowing a relaxing bath and take care of your body.

The Coastal style derives from the Shabby chic style, with which it has in common several aspects, including the brightness of the rooms, the colonial- inspired furniture, the use of rough wood , light fabrics and the predominance of light colors , among which stand out in particular the tones of white and blue . It is the ideal style to furnish a house by the sea and not only, in fact, the atmosphere that creates at home is fresh and pleasant and refers to the sunny coasts of the United States , Australia and the Mediterranean Sea , with features that change slightly in based on the geographic place of inspiration.

In a Coastal style bathroom there is no lack of wood or marble effect coatings, tiles or mosaics in shades of blue or sand, white linear or colonial style furnishings with shelves in raw or white lacquered wood , white sanitary fixtures, wash basin in ceramics or stone , textiles and prints with nautical style patterns , accessories in white ceramic, light blue or with colors in coral , rope details, scented candles and white lanterns to create a pleasant soft light.

In the fabrics, the lines are a must along with prints and embroideries with a marine theme. To give an accent of color, the details in coral color are a classic, but you can also try with a strong yellow or dark green .

Above you can see the moodboard materials I created in 3D modeling by combining raw wood with a light blue mosaic, white stone, matt lacquered surfaces and a fabric with irregular striped patterns matched with red and beige cut-outs. Finally I added objects with a colonial flavor and a print depicting a coral.

The Coastal style is ideal for those who love the sea and want to feel all year on holiday at home, enjoying a fresh and relaxing atmosphere. It is suitable for those who have a sunny and sparkling personality, but also a dreamer and reflective personality .

Below is the Pinterest wall with lots of examples of Coastal style bathrooms . On the profile, you will also find the bulletin board dedicated to home decor, with lots of ideas for your home.


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