The living room in contemporary style

Since we are going to furnish the living room of the Community House in a contemporary style , I decided to dedicate this month ‘s style room article to this trend, to get to know it better and to draw inspiration from it.

The contemporary style reflects the current taste and is constantly evolving, for this reason it is not easy to give it a unique definition. More than a style in itself, I like to consider it as a mix of trends, as its main characteristics are a set of aspects common to other styles, including: the clean lines and color contrasts of minimalism, the warmth of wood Scandinavian style, the elegance of the classic – modern, the materiality of the industrial style and the insertion of objects of vintage style design icons .

For the furniture we use compact volumes with essential lines and modular solutions , easily adaptable and transformable, to guarantee maximum practicality and allow reinventing the spaces when necessary. Contemporary furnishing pays close attention to design , technology and environmental sustainability of materials.

The general impression when entering a contemporary living room is that of a tidy, bright, light and elegant environment. You can not miss the equipped wall or the low cabinet , the modular sofa upholstered in fabric or leather , the table with metal structure and wooden shelf, the big size lamp with floor lamp or suspension lamp.

The materials that distinguish the contemporary style are wood , stoneware , glass , marble , steel , painted metal structures, matt lacquered surfaces, finishes in cement finish and plastered brick . The basic colors are white , black and all shades of gray , both hot and cold, which can be accentuated with a brighter tone on a wall or on the details of the room.

This style can be customized by applying custom designs or geometric patterns to walls or textiles. There are many designs to use, such as vertical, horizontal or zig zag lines, herringbone patterns, hexagons, triangles, circles and other patterns almost always with desaturated shades combined with white or tone-on-tone.


Above you can see the moodboard materials I made in 3D , combining a natural wood with hexagonal tiles, white opaque surfaces, concrete, papers with geometric design, marble details and gray jersey textiles.

The contemporary style is suitable for balanced personalities, for lovers of design , elegance and bright environments . Thanks to the formal cleanliness that distinguishes it is a style that lends itself to being easily customized, even mixing it with influences of different styles to make it your own.

Below is the Pinterest wall, in which I collected inspirational photos to furnish your living room in a contemporary style.

If you want to deepen this style, the best thing to stay informed is to follow the architecture and design magazines. I list below some of my favorites:

Wallpaper – English magazine among the most famous of architecture and design, but also of art, fashion and lifestyle.

Domus – The historic Italian architecture and design magazine founded by Gio Ponti in 1928 and always current.

Interni – The Italian magazine to stay up to date on the world of interior design.

Dezeen – the architecture and design web magazine based in London and New York.

I also add another link, with a premise: there are many contemporary designers that I admire, but this is absolutely my favorite:

Nendo – studio founded by Japanese architect and designer Oki Sato based in Tokyo and Milan.

As I said at the beginning of the article, in this period we are furnishing the living room of the Community House just inspired by this style. If you want to participate too and stay updated on the developments of the project follow this link . Every Friday you will find a new survey where you can choose the various furnishing elements.