The outdoor Boho Chic

Summer is finally at the door, the days are getting longer and there is a great desire to be outdoors, so this month I decided to dedicate an article to the outside spaces of the house.

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I’ll tell you the cozy and colorful world of style Boho Chic set in the outdoor .

The Boho Chic style derives from gipsy influences and culturally refers to the bohemian movements of the nineteenth century and hippies of the 70s. Boho is the abbreviation of bohemian homeless and is linked to the concept of ” bougreois bohémien “, a term coined by the American journalist David Brooks to define the American bourgeoisie engaged in intellectual and creative, consumerist, but at the same time attentive to environmental issues, human rights and spiritual research in the new age disciplines inherited from the counterculture of the ’70s. Appearing first in the fashion world, it has also taken off successively in interior design.

This style is linked to the concept of nomadism , itinerant life and the suggestions of travel in the south-east of the world. Stylistically it is characterized by the mixture of natural materials , such as wood and rope, with ethnic furnishings and accessories, combined with the bright colors of Asian, Indian and African fabrics . You can not miss large carpets with Moroccan designs, cushions and colored poufs with geometric or floral patterns , wooden benches and tables, decorated majolica , lamps and lampshades in colored vertex, souvenirs of exotic travels and decorative objects in macramé.

In an outdoor Boho Chic you can give space to your creativity , in fact this style lends itself willingly to the reuse and creative recycling of old furniture in raw wood, pallets, rattan armchairs and colored tapestries.

Here you can see the moodboard materials that I created with 3D modeling, inspired by this style.

I find this style particularly interesting for outdoor environments, in terraces , verandas and porches , to create super-colored relaxation corners in which to enjoy a drink on a warm summer evening, perhaps swinging on a comfortable hammock surrounded by green palm trees and broad-leaved plants , magically finding himself fantasizing about an exotic travel destination …

A Boho Chic style furniture is ideal for eccentric , nonconformist , curious and travel lovers , often contains unique pieces and objects related to the experience and memories of those who own them. It gives the environment exclusivity, a sense of experience and a strong emotional charge.

Below is the Pinterest wall, in which I collected inspirational photos to furnish your outdoor spaces in Boho Chic style.

If you want to deepen and learn more about the world of Boho Chic , here are some interesting links:

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And what do you think of this style?