The styles of furniture in the rooms of the house

One of the things I like about interior design is the ability to interpret different styles based on the context, taste and personality of those who will live in the environments being restyled.

The styles of furniture in the rooms of the house

But to be able to interpret them, it is first necessary to know them and understand the distinctive elements that characterize them.

This section is born with the intent to tell different styles of furniture and the way in which these are declined in the various rooms of the house , to draw inspiration, new ideas and find the ideal combinations to create the right style in line with the your personality and your taste.

Each month I will examine a different style of furniture and contextualize it in a room in the house. I will tell you how it was born, where it comes from and what influences it has, what are its distinctive traits and what can not be missing to replicate it. We will see not only the styles of furniture that have become classic , but also new trends and some mix of different styles in which unexpected combinations give strong personality to the environments, making them unique.

I will then create, with the rendering technique, a moodboard in 3D materials, combining objects, colors and finishes that characterize each style. In each post you will also find a Pinterest board created ad hoc with all the images I have collected on the subject to show you wonderful realizations in real environments. If you want to deepen and know something more about a certain style, I will point out a series of links to profiles, articles and blogs specialized on that theme.